10 Ways to Make Money with a Blog

Being a blogger is a great way that’ll help you make money online. Recently, there’s stiff competition in most industries; therefore, finding a side hustle that’ll generate more money is a reliable option. Blogging is gaining more popularity due to the ever-changing technology. Therefore, people are seeking easy and cost-effective ways of doing things. If you’re a blogger, persistence, consistency, dedication, and patience are essential factors to consider. In addition, providing your audience with high-quality content will improve organic traffic, thus increasing your odds of making normal profits. Below are 10 ways to make money with a blog.

1. Become a Freelance Writer

As a blogger, becoming a freelance writer is an effective way of making money online. A great blogger attracts more people to your website. Freelance writing requires expertise, professionalism, attention, time, and effort; therefore, most people will consider hiring a competent blogger. In order to increase your audience, you should be consistent in uploading blogs. In addition, choose a niche that suits your tastes and preferences. Focusing on your favorite niche is a great way of fulfilling your passion. When finding freelance writing gigs, ensure you aren’t working for your competitors. There are numerous ways you can find freelance jobs, such as Facebook groups and work for an agency. Recently, there are many agencies that help people create top-notch content for their websites or blogs. You can either work for an agency on a full-time or part-time basis.

2. Create a Private Community

Having increased traffic in your blog can offer you a great chance to create a membership community. Ensure that you quote a reliable membership fee that’ll attract more people, thus optimizing your profits. This approach requires patience because, at first, you won’t make more money, but when your community gets more than thirty members, you’ll realize a profit. This is because all the members will pay a monthly fee. There are certain factors you should consider when creating a membership community, such as:

– Incentives, such as access to exclusive content or special tools

– Choose a platform; analyze and evaluate your desired platform, such as Facebook groups.

– Encourage engagement

3. Offer Coaching Services

Coaching services are becoming more common because people are seeking the right strategies that’ll help them achieve their desired goals. Great coaching skills help people become more accountable and responsible for their commitments and actions. When offering coaching services, it’s important to compile a range of packages to offer, such as unlimited email advice packages, do-it-yourself packages, and hourly consults. Before providing coaching services, it’s important to have concrete information about the situation at hand. In addition, offer coaching services in a professional manner in order to attract more clients as a result of referrals.

4. Write an eBook

Writing an eBook requires in-depth knowledge of your niche of specialization. Selling an eBook via Amazon is a great option because it’s a trusted firm. In addition, this option of making money with a blog requires a solid audience. Your audience determines the amount of money you should charge for an eBook. When writing an eBook, you should provide original, unique, and attractive content that’ll help you retain your clients and attract more. Approximately, you can charge at least $5 for a short eBook. On the other hand, you can charge more than $39 for a comprehensive eBook.

5. Sell Merchandise

There are numerous ways you can sell merchandise in your blog. For instance, you can simply add a shop page to the blog. Whether you sell digital products, homemade goods, or other services will help you make more money from your blog. In order to optimize your profits, choose a product with high demand and low supply. In addition, choose a product or service that matches your niche.

6. Write Tutorials

Recently, most students are opting for tutorials to guide them in reading and doing assignments. Therefore, there’s a ready market for tutorials due to the increased demand level. Comprehensive tutorials will help you get several social shares that will promote your blog. There are several ways you can write tutorials to earn money from your blog. For instance, you can include affiliate links to a product you’re using in the tutorial. In addition, you can compose a tutorial that’ll promote the advertiser’s services/products or your own product. Writing in-depth tutorials requires efficiency and concrete knowledge about the product.

7. Sell Services

Blogging is a great source of passive income, especially if you choose the right niche. Choose a popular niche with minimal competition. Selling your blogging services is a great way to improve your reputation and make money online. Sell services that are directly related to your niche. For instance, a blogger can sell services, such as graphic design or writing. When selling your services, it’s important to ensure you satisfy people’s tastes and preferences. Fulfilling the needs of people plays a significant role in improving organic traffic, thus increasing your profits within a short span.

8. Google Adsense

Google Adsense works effectively when you have more traffic in your blog. Therefore, if you’re a beginner, you’ll take considerable time to make more money from your blog using Google Adsense. Below are some of the key steps to follow in order to make money from your blog with Google Adsense:

– Sign up with Adsense

– Put numerous ads on your blog’s website

– Promote current content

– Create new and original content

9. Provide Consulting Services

Offering consulting services on your blog’s website is a great way to make money online. For instance, you are providing consulting services on internet marketing strategies. In order to fulfill the needs of your audience, you should have certain skills. In addition, you need in-depth knowledge about a certain topic in order to provide top-notch consulting services.

10. Host sponsored giveaways and contests

Approach various firms in your niche of specialization and offer to contest or giveaway on your social media or blog. This strategy will improve the market share of the business and traffic in the firm. You’ll, therefore, earn more money in the process.


The above-mentioned are great ways on how to make money from your blog. Choose a way that suits your wants.