Starting a Blog to Make Money

If you are wondering whether it’s the right time to start a blog, we’ve got great news for you! Blogs are still very popular and millions of people are reading them every day. There are also various ways to monetize your content, and with a good strategy, you could see first results quickly. In this article, we will talk about starting a blog to make money. Easy guide like this is the only thing you need, so keep reading.

Step one – Pick your niche

Choosing the right niche is the first step towards monetizing your content. You’ve probably heard about different niches, but you are not sure how to pick yours. There are various factors to consider. First, make a list of topics you are an expert at and list all things you’re passionate about. Then, do quick research on Google to see what are the most profitable niches. Some of the most profitable niches today include health and fitness, digital marketing, and travel. However, you don’t have to pick the most popular niche if that is not something you’re interested in. The only thing that is important is to make sure that there are enough people that are interested in the type of content you will be writing about. The whole idea is to find a topic that you like and that enough readers will be interested in as well.

Step two – Make your blog visible

Some people believe that it’s enough to produce excellent content in order to attract readers. However, competition is tough, and great content is no longer enough to make you visible. Don’t let this discourage you! All you have to do is be proactive and promote your blog. The best place to promote your content is social media, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. You could also start an email newsletter where you will be sending your blog posts, to make sure your readers don’t miss your latest posts. Another way to make your website visible is through search engine optimization. You can do keyword research (there are free online tools that help you do that – you can do it alone, or hire an SEO expert if you don’t want to bother with it) to find out what keywords are people using when searching for something in your niche. Then, make sure to include keywords that you’ve found in your posts. That will help your website to appear more often in Google searches. However, you should always think about your readers and make sure to use keywords naturally and not just to stuff your blog posts with keywords.

Step three – Build a community

The biggest mistake one can make is start selling too early. Before you are able to monetize your content, your first goal should be to create a community of people that trust you and that consume your content regularly. The best way to do this is to be consistent – you don’t have to post every day, but if you promise your audience that you will publish one post a week, make sure to keep that promise. Your posts should be filled with value – practical tips, guides, inspirational stories, and so on. Find out what are major problems or challenges that your audience is struggling with, and come up with tips to help them solve them. Don’t be afraid to give value for free, because that is the quickest way to build trust with your audience. Invite them to comment under your posts and make sure you respond to every comment so you can create a two-way conversation.

Step four – Monetize your blog

Now, that you’ve built your online community, it’s time to think about ways to monetize your content. Some of the most popular options include: affiliate marketing, paid advertisement, or creating your own digital products. Of course, everything depends on your niche. We will now explore all three options.

Affiliate marketing

Let’s say you’re a blogger writing about fitness. You’ve shared a lot of useful tips, and your community trusts you. You can put affiliate links to your website, and link your favorite equipment, supplements, and so on. Whenever someone purchases something through your affiliate link, you’ll get a small commission for every purchase they make. Of course, be careful not to exaggerate with affiliate marketing, and make sure to offer only products that you actually use and like. Otherwise, you might gain some money at first, but you could lose something even more precious – your audience’s trust.


If your website has a lot of monthly visits, it may be time to consider adding advertisement space. There are various ways to do it, you could put banners on your website and add advertisement space. On the other hand, you can collaborate with companies and individuals working in a similar niche and give them space to promote their products on your blog.

Digital products

There are dozens of digital products you can create, depending on your niche and your preferences. Many bloggers start with creating an ebook because that is something they are familiar with – writing. If people love reading your content, you can create a more in-depth ebook or a guide that will give them even more value. Another popular option is to create an online course. It doesn’t matter whether your blog is about cooking, photography, or losing weight – there are people out there that will want to learn from you! Some bloggers create printables or worksheets and sell them online. Others offer webinars and master classes. Possibilities are endless and you can experiment with different options until you find something your audience will love.

There you have it – a recipe for creating and monetizing your blog. The most important thing is to be persistent and understand that it takes some time. Also, don’t skip steps and be patient – it’s important that you start with picking your niche and building your community, before you can start with monetization. Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the process, creating content can be fun!