Make Money Blogging

A blogger is a person who always writes their opinions about an issue, event or any current affair and posts them to social media platforms. A blogger can either be personal or hired to write on the provided websites or to the instructed sites or platforms. For instance, a person food blogger will be uploading food information like recipes for certain food either requested by their audience or by their wish. A blogger dealing with politics will always air their views by commenting on current information on politics.

A personal blogger keeps their daily diary activities or links the website to the sites and pictures. On the other hand, a blogger is anyone who writes about their opinions, thoughts, or feelings about something and posts it as a single post without minding people’s views, whether positive or negative. There are various ways in which bloggers make income through blogging, as discussed below.


  • Start by finding the perfect type and title- when initiating a blog, whether a niche blog or any other type, look for a suitable title that will be eye-catching and appealing to people. Create a name that will interest your targeted audience. For instance, when targeting to write on sexual health, let the title interest people like teenagers or youths. Choosing the most suitable name will have people visiting your site to check the information, which in return will generate income as you intended initially.
  • SECONDLY, HAVE A NICHE OF PASSION- clearly, with what you do, you experience minimal challenges as you already have the basics. I have seen bloggers posting things simply because they saw friends or others post about it. They receive little or no money since they don’t pay much attention to when, where, or how to post about their stories, thus catching less or the wrong audience. To be a successful blogger, have an interest and passion for your content to capture the intended addressees.
  • BUY A MERCHANTABLE AND BRANDABLE DOMAIN NAME- when purchasing a domain name, be sure to make it unique, memorable, and short. The kind of naming will determine the number of people visiting your website for fun or search engine optimization (SEO). One of the many ways that help blog masters is the number of people visiting their websites or subscribing to their websites. This means a superb domain name will have as many visitors as you may wish, which is directly proportional to the income from the content posted.
  • DISCOVER A DEPENDABLE AND CONSISTENT HOST-  with the perfect domain title, find the most reliable host to boost your niche while starting. I would rather have someone paying for hosting while starting their blogs instead of independently doing them and failing. With a reliable host, say WordPress, they can help you grow your website leading to accumulating profits and, more times, more invested capital.
  • SELECT A SUITABLE THEME – while posting your content to your niche site, ensure that it is visible and what you intended for your viewers. Some blog sites are so much covered with videos, pictures, and or java scripts. Ensure that your site is fresh and wiry so that you sell what you intend to sell, which is your content. With your content reaching your audience as planned means money flowing, which is the initial aim for every blogger.
  • DETERMINE YOUR INTENTION- when starting a niche; one should make their intentions with their main way of earning using it. First, blog masters should create their earning event and then look for traffic they expect to earn. After creating an earning event, the next thing to do is create a page that enables you to reach your traffic. The main aim of reaching the traffic is to promote the page with the earning event. With the appropriate procedure, a beginner or blogger will have the sites generating income as they have aspired.
  • GROWING OF AUDIENCE- the last and the most vital tip to having money flowing from your blog site is the size of your audience. Growing the audience might be a big challenge for a beginner since you are new to the market. The content uploaded to your site should attract many people who will follow your day-to-day posts or even refer friends and others to visit it. The growing audience is gradual and continuous, so new bloggers should not expect hundreds of thousands of subscribers on their first post unless they are buying an already established niche.


  • Money making through affiliate marketing- when a blogger recommends a product or service using special tracking skills. By doing this, a blogger gets paid by the company or the firm they are advertising for. The perfect product to start with that is common products that are used by your audience. These are the ways that one monetizes their content. By monetizing means, anything stimulated by it will create an income.
  • Marketing plugins to sell adverts unswervingly- bloggers commonly use plugins adverts to increase their source of income. Selling a banner or a site for the website can earn bloggers thousands, which is additional from the actual content. Again, partnering with big firms to run adverts for them will make the audience reach out to your niche.
  • Writing reviews- many bloggers who do not purposely create a blog for content creation review uploaded content which earns them more income. The content they create may not be eye-catching, but the written reviews they do will have their pockets flocking.
  • Selling of funded blogs- this is another common way of monetizing one’s content. While you post your content to your website, one can pave the way by posting or selling already funded blogs. In this case, sponsored blogs mean content that has partnered with a big firm and is entirely doing all the basics for a blog.

To conclude, not only do bloggers earn from their uploaded content but also from other engineered sources.